Grinding it Out: Gym XX-XXV

I’m still grinding it out.

Faith in the process compels me to push onward in the face of doubts.

Tens of thousands of children are starving to death in Yemen.

Enough of my bullshit.

GYM with fractured foot…1 month & 3 days since injury


Sunday, 11/25–Abbreviated Core

4 x ab cycling…:90 seconds each

4 x ab wheel…27 reps each

4 x Superman for lower back

2 x ab machine…150 lbs 27 reps each

Saturday, 11/24–Legs x 4 sets everything

Air Running & Crunches x 4: 2 minutes each rep

Ab Machine: 150 lbs, 27 reps each set

Hammys: 27kilos, 15 reps each

Adductors: 70 lbs, 15 reps each

Abductors: 70 lbs, 15 reps each

Donkey Kicks: 20 reps each set

Air Running

Friday, 11/23: Arms & Back

[repeat of last arms & back day]

Thursday, 11/22: Legs Day

[see last legs workout]

Wednesday, 11/21: Arms & Back

Tuesday, 11/20: Recovery Day…Only my 3rd full day off since gym work began on October 30th.

Monday, 11/19: ?? Perhaps an abbreviated core-ab day

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