War Is Not Peace

Slavery is not freedom. Ignorance is not bliss. Regardless of what they think, my eyes are wide fucking open. Most opt to remain in the darkness, blinded. Led like cattle through the abattoir, bolt gun to the head, doing what they’re told. I want so much to look away. I don’t want to see him…

He is inhuman.

You probably don’t see this headline every day in your local American paper: Source: Shanghai Daily

Fried Rice

First time I’ve had 炒饭–fried rice–cooked before me. At Teppanyaki, 水城South Road, Shanghai. Beautiful weather. Great air quality. Safe streets. As Shania Twain says, come on over…


Two nights before… I’m holding up cards I’d sent Papaw, showing him. He’s smiling, happy. Then, I’m in the famed basement of 2715 Alice Avenue. Watching TV, waiting for my grandparents to arrive. Eventually, I go upstairs and find them in their bedroom watching TV with my parents. Relaxed. Happy we are. Just like it…

Lunch Box

She is so thoughtful. She knew I needed this and had it sent to my school without my knowing. Did she choose this lunch bag for me, too? Came with the box. Thank you, girlfriend!

Vegan “McDonald’s” in Shanghai

Not officially McDonald’s per se but it’s a great step forward. McDonald’s style double deckers. Vegan burger joint. Exit turnstiles toward Exit 1 at People’s Square Metro station (人民广场).Go right into mall (do not exit train station). Walk a minute or less and it’s on your right.