Where to Find Great Vegan Food…

Hoping to help travelers searching for great vegan eats in the following locales: Seoul-Tokyo-Koyasan-Kyoto. By no means exhaustive, it’s up to date at present time. Yes, these places indeed do still exist (although hours may be a bit crazy at times). Please get HappyCow app to find addresses, phone numbers and mostly accurate operating hours….

7 Things About Seoul

7 Noticings about Seoul… 1. Korean women are gorgeous 2. Subway stations are tightly knit, with narrow corridors, low ceilings, brick archways and have a special endearing character. News stands sell a unique assortment of goods including infant outfits & house slippers. The trumpeting announcement of incoming trains is a wholly unique element of the…

I’ve (almost) Made It

XXXXVII days in the gym post-injury, pre-run. That first run did not go quite as I’d hoped. Naively, perhaps, I believed with all my might that I’d fly directly from air cast into running. “I’ll average about 5 miles a day by the time I come back into new year,” I told several folks. Hahahaha…

My 5 Worst Running Injuries

5. May-June ’99: Kwai, Botswana Injury & Cause: Some kind of unknown strain in foot occurring one day while racing kids on a dirt road in the middle of the Okavango Delta. Don’t remember how long without running at all, but this thing lingered into the beginning of cross country season and I had to…


So, what should I do now that I have an excuse not to run for a while? I eagerly began my gym training today. I don’t know yet what the best plan is, but I’m hatching plans left and right. One footed biking? Rowing? (But no machine in my gym) I need cardio. Can’t use…

6th Time’s a Charm, Right?

In the dark of night, they were coming for me. I didn’t know how close they were, but in that sixth attempt, I wanted it badly. I went out in the driver’s seat, as my tenth grade student runner Tony had done in last month’s race. Typically, I don’t lead from the gun. I build….

He is inhuman.

Near Death

Cut to the roots I never even knew Decaying each day Now, it is dying It is all dying


Our new 6th graders seem so delightful. “Bye bye,” many said as they departed class this afternoon. This was after several students practically shouted for joy when I told them we would get our textbooks tomorrow. Good signs?

He is Evil

His destruction knows no bounds His only legacy now will be narcissistic greed The evil that men do lives on and on