He is inhuman.

Near Death

Cut to the roots I never even knew Decaying each day Now, it is dying It is all dying


Our new 6th graders seem so delightful. “Bye bye,” many said as they departed class this afternoon. This was after several students practically shouted for joy when I told them we would get our textbooks tomorrow. Good signs?

He is Evil

His destruction knows no bounds His only legacy now will be narcissistic greed The evil that men do lives on and on

Treasures Lost

We’ve lost another place which helped make Shanghai a special place. At the back of a hidden courtyard across from my Indian joint…A quirky Japanese cafe, half indoors/half outdoors. Plastered in miscellaneous imagery from Japan. Here in early July. Now, smashed up. Canopy torn down. Tables gone. Glass stairs from mother restaurant next door smashed…

1 Way Ticket

August 20th. Usually at this time I either have a ticket back to NYC, or am driving there. But this year–like last–it’s a one way ticket to China. It’s astounding to think about how this is the permanent vacation I strategically laid the foundation for, just over a year ago. It’s been a wild ride…

What’s the Dead Sea Really Like?

How salty is it, really? Ever drunk vodka straight? The saltiness is so extreme, it’s like that in your mouth. I felt like, one accidental gulp of water would OD me with salt. Know how in most oceans-seas-lakes, you run your hand along the bottom and come up with sand, or plants, or mud? Here’s…

It’s A Day in China

Looks like I’ve been run over by a truck, but I’m okay. It’s just my first traditional Chinese massage. After wearing my paper diaper for a second week in a row (but not thong-like or pink this time),I made the mistake of asking the masseuse to go deeper this time. Well, I’ve had tight hamstrings….

In Typical Chinese Fashion…

Dinner at my girlfriend’s (2 week old relationship). In typical Chinese fashion, nothing was explained to me ahead of time. I thought it would be dinner for two. I walked into a room filled two younger sisters, an aunt, a husband of someone, G’s daughter & two other young kids. During dinner at the table…