Here I Am

Green tea Red bean steamed buns Greens & tofu on every street corner Boulder heavy mountain trailways Dating single women with gorgeous eyes, who speak zero English and have had no contact with Americans before Embarrassment when attempted hugs are ignored Dating a woman who pulls me lustfully into my apartment, then decides to tell…


Sickening feeling Demons devise, devour G-d! Can I be saved?

Untitled I

He guts us like this Shamelessly, burning us down He fucking kills us

It Burns

Words Burn Like Acid Dripping from a hateful tongue There is no escape (is there?)

Asia Summary I

6.5 months since I landed in Asia (leaving once for two weeks in USA). It’s time to provide an executive summary of what I’ve experienced thus far, in parts. Here’s the first installment. Reflections & Miscellany (only in a stream of consciousness order)… 1. Harshest land in which to survive: Mongolia 2. Most stunningly gorgeous…


He forces his way He has hope for our demise He–not who he was

What Wormhole Have I Fallen Into??

Walking into the salad restaurant, I expected to see folks eating. I did not expect to see an entire indoor skatepark with quarter pipe ramps everywhere. Skaters darted back and forth in the midst of a fairly conventional mall–with Chinese touches, of course, of cascading waterfalls & fake monkeys clinging to fake palm trees–as spectators…

I Will Only Get Haircuts in China

It was yesterday, Thanksgiving, around 2100 China time. The sharing of an American tradition with Chinese friends-colleagues had gone splendidly. Only 1 thing left to do at a time when I’m normally tucked away in bed: get a haircut. Just a quick, simple trim. Yes. After all, I have a date tonight. In the course…

WOW: Mongolia, I

Only 6 days have passed since I arrived in “Zurck (emphasis on final sound)”–Mongolia. In fact, I’m actually now at Maan Coffee in the Beijing Airport.  But it was such a wild ride.   Please sit back & enjoy these photos & initial reflections… I’m not going to sugarcoat it. If I could marry a…

Flying Into the Empire

It still stands as the largest land empire that ever existed in human history, surpassing the Romans & Alexander the Great in sheer size.  The Mongol Empire controlled thousands of kilometers of forbidding lands stretching across vast expanses of steppes, mountains, rivers.  Today (October 1st), I find myself nearly there.  In under thirty minutes, Mongolian…

Running Shanghai, Part II: How is it Different than USA?

Hot tea at the ready in Century Park for our pleasure upon finishing a long run in 80% humidity and about 85 degrees.  Haven’t seen that in Central Park, nor Van Cortlandt.  It was great, though. Actually, at the 10k point of my run, I mixed tea with lemon lime Gatorade. It was quite good….

Fortuned Freak

That’s the supremely interesting thing about traveling: even when things look the same upon first glance, just look closer.  China now is a vastly different place than it was even 15 years ago. It’s far more open, cosmopolitan, even influenced by Western ideas. However, it is still a completely unique place all its own.  My…