Seneca Forever! Cross Country ’94 was one of the greatest moments of our lives. Seneca Park. Our stretching tree is at back right. Our girls & boys just qualified to run in the State Championships.


Vega in foreground with goatee and sunglasses; Arnold in foreground middle; Augsperger in right foreground with sunglasses; Zopel is in foreground between Arnold & Augsperger [see book chapter “Motorcycle Drive By” to learn more]
Top: Vega & I attacking–’97 Bottom: Red Pack ready to race Great Lake Regional in Michigan–November ’98. We would qualify in this meet for the NCAA Division III National Championship.
There’s nothing like running across freshly cut grass in the fall. Wabash Harriers attacking here, clockwise: Zopel moving up; Vega coming on strong; Raber taking out a man (1998).
A typical view of the start of a large cross country race. This may be the NCAA Division III Championships, in which our Wabash Harriers competed in ’98.
Butch wondering when I’ll catch up with him. Colorado ’99 [see book chapter Motorcycle Drive By]
Gall (shirtless), Butch and Augsperger. Colorado ’99 Gall ran in the Olympic Marathon Trials the following summer.
Colorado ’99
I know, I know, a rough life. Notes: A. Budding Vegan at Joe’s B.Busch’s girlfriend at bottom left; Gall’s future wife at bottom far right [see Motorcycle Drive By] Colorado Springs, CO ’99
Busch at top, with girlfriend. Candice with Gall on couch. Butch is with us all, too, of course. Colorado Springs 1999
One of my running mentors, Scott Gall, & I (1999)
Olympic Marathon Trials 2000, in Pittsburgh. Gall is in red singlet and black shorts, coming up on the outside in bottom picture.
North Coast Athletic Conference Championship at Ohio Wesleyan University



I know you’re still climbing mountains, Butch. I’ll never forget you, man.


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