We SHOULD Be F—-Angry

Shanghai Lockdown Day 60: Proverbial food for thought from the East…For as crazy as our lockdown here may be, for as much as I and many of us may disagree with some Chinese government policies, I have to state this emphatically at this moment, above all: Thank G-d, truly, military grade assault weapons do not…

You Still Think It’s Okay?!

18 children, 1 teacher killed in elementary school. So, you still think it’s okay to allow complete and total unrestricted access to guns??!! To not vote for trigger locks or even safe gun storage laws? Not even a law stating a stolen firearm must be reported? Instead, there are new laws allowing for MORE handguns,…

Day 50

Shanghai Lockdown Day 50: Big (free) food deliveries today from the government and “The Foundation,” our employer. Includes a huge bottle of caramel popcorn.

Day 43 Tension Rising Story

Shanghai Lockdown Day 43 ”Tension Rising” story: Warning: Mom, you may not want to read this. Ignore language. So, that man—168-201 Roy—sent out this pic of me. He’s telling a community group of 374 people how my—“a male foreigner”—mask was only over my mouth. In his post just below photo, he adds an “@,” addressing…

Day 43: Tension Rising

Shanghai Lockdown Day 43: Tension Rising He took my pic, so we went to his door and took his. Then, the crap hit the fan…but all’s well that ends well, okay😃😃

Day 41

Shanghai Lockdown, Day 41

Into The Underground

Shanghai Lockdown ‘22, Day 35: “Runners Find a Way” Note: Thank you for reading! 0548am and I was out the door, running. Shanghai Lockdown Day 35. The security apparatus in these past few days especially required me to try an early run on for size. The rules have tightened after three Covid cases were found…