Not a police officer here?

Norway Reflections, Part II:

But I have a question: “Where are all the police?” I asked. “Because in four days here so far, I haven’t seen a single police officer.”

Response from a native Norwegian: “Well, you could be here many months and not see one.” “

“Well, what about roving bands of teenagers? Like in street gangs?”

Nope. Not in Bergen.

“Maybe some parts of Oslo…”


My friend’s two daughters, now in 30’s, grew up here—“they had no problems.”

And yet, some folks do have guns.
Unfortunately for the animals, with a hunting tradition here many folks countrywide do have firearms. Perhaps some right here in the city.

But never has there been a school shooting.
It is unthinkable.

And there is not a gun to be seen in any public space, outside of hunting areas.

Last night, while walking home through a very dark park just before 10pm, I realized I was completely alone. Wait, someone was approaching—walking alone up the steep hill: a single woman. Meanwhile, over several days I’ve seen numerous ladies out running alone. Walking alone. No one anywhere seems concerned for their safety. And not a single police officer has been seen.

This morning, a 67 year old Norwegian lady told me: “In fact, in my whole life, I don’t think I‘ve seen a police officer with a gun.”

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