Surviving High School

Hiding under chairs in Stickler Theatre while skipping classes–last day of tenth grade. Seneca High School*
Nearing the end of sophomore year (me, Cara, and Timmy) [note–Tim’s facial expression!]*
Wal-Mart Fever overcomes me
Look at these crazy kids! Kim’s house.
Outside of Kimmie’s house–Tara, Jenny, & Dani*
One of many Wal-Mart adventures–’94



Trevor, Jennifer, Jordan, Tara, Allison, Estep (taking pic?) & me. Last day of school ’94
All awards won in 1994 alone–R.O.T.C.*
Post-shaving cream fight on last day of 9th grade at DeLaura Junior High in Satellite Beach, Florida. (David on left, me on right) I believe the tradition ended here after our friends got out of control and cops were called to The Plaza shopping center.
“GROUPies” at lunch. DeLaura ’93 (Note–Watson, left foreground; David,right foreground; Tit Boy with hands in the air; Erika in white shirt; B.P. with glasses; Chris in striped shirt/long shorts)
Scenes from DeLaura Junior High ’93. Clockwise: David, Tit Boy, Wes; My first ever girlfriend, Kim (white blouse) with Jackie & Watson carrying Clark; Brandy, Erika–who I had a crush on all through junior high (if she didn’t know it before, now she will), myself, & Michelle–who dated one of the pro surfer Hobgood brothers; Mr. Sanda & Dean “Schlick” & I. Schlick was a real intimidating mother.
One of the most stupid things I ever did was to completely destroy my chances with Ashley, on left. She was a sweet and beautiful young woman. Here she is with her boyfriend Miles at Youth Group at Trinity Presbyterian Church. Kerri is in pink (“There’s a bluebird on your shoulder.”) Below is the transcendent view we used to have behind our Wednesday Youth Group meetings. I called this place The Sanctuary and it helped keep me on track during turbulent times in adolescence. Sometime a few years after this all of these trees were chopped down by the church itself, further radicalizing my environmental beliefs.
Sneaking out of David’s room late at night during a summer visit back to Satellite Beach–’96. Watson having a breakdown at Patrick Deli near the conclusion of Beach Walk ’97.
Before Watson’s breakdown at the deli…We’d walked from Satellite Beach up to a famous surf spot at Taco City in Cocoa Beach. Beach Walk ’97.
Carl L. & I. He’s infamous for smashing in David’s window the night of Woodstock II (’92). He was also one of the top skaters in the Satellite Beach area in the early ’90’s.
HQ, clockwise: Fighting fire; “Anarchy!”; I wasn’t called Pyro for nothing; bondage after fighting a heater together
The “Infamous Nite.” About 20-25 minutes before Dave H. & I were arrested after sneaking out of my room (note: open window, sans screen) and being picked up by the Satellite Beach PD with countless weapons. Here, Dave poses with a butterfly knife, while I’ve chosen a ninja throwing star. Our fathers–his, head pastor at Trinity Presbyterian, mine, a Marine Corps officer–met for the first time ever around 1:30 a.m. in the police station.


Clockwise: David in my c. ’92-’93 bedroom; Jenni Cook–first girl I ever said “I love you” to (at this exact setting during our 3 week relationship); shaving David’s neck hair–something we obsessed over; Watt & I after surfing at sunrise (which he taught me one month before I moved from Florida)

During Woodstock 3–“The Last Frontier.” At 415 Sherwood Ave. in Satellite Beach on June 9th, 1993. Top: Hammer, Mike (“Tit Boy”) & Danny; Below: that’s my first ever girlfriend, Kim, partially exposing herself on the roof of my family’s house
Assuming statue of limitations have expired: Yes, darn it, I may know something about the spray painting of the Eau Gallie Causeway bridge in ’93. The intent was to honor Ryan Huck’s memory after our fifteen year old classmate was killed by a drunken driver. With spray paint left over, however, things then took a little turn to other matters…
Our next door neighbors The Hammonds in Satellite Beach (minus Mr. Hammond on this occasion). We’re still friends to this day. The youngest, Kimmy, now lives in this house with her own family.
Dr. Roy Fultz, M.D. & I. My good friend was one of my major mentors during the period of ’91-’93. I looked forward to spending more time with him during high school but he unfortunately passed away just before we moved back to Kentucky in the August of ’93. (1991)


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