Papaw, with cover on, holding up a beer to celebrate the end of World War II. 1945. (note–they may be in France)
Eugene Harold Hall, Sr. “Papaw” Original caption on picture: “Belgium Feb-1945 Reed Feb 28 1945”

Aboard the Queen Mary enroute to World War II

~Papaw in his own words:


Saluted by the Nazis…and taking their jeep

~Papaw in his own words

Papaw’s words: “German Staff Officers 4-Door Mercedes 4-Officers Surrendered To Me & I Had Vehicle For 2 Months Before MP’s Made Me Give It Up- (1945) Dad”


Ma & Pa Keener. Mamaw’s parents (my father’s maternal grandparents)
Pa Keener’s mother, Elizabeth, on her birthday. She is my great-great grandmother on my father’s side. We trace our Native American ancestry from her. Keener Family in Texas, year to be determined after more research is done.
“Minnie and Eugene,” as written by Minnie. To us all, “Mamaw and Papaw.”

“I’m shrinking…”

~Papaw in his own words:


February 14th, 1976. Twila & Eugene Hall’s wedding day at Buechel Park Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Granny & Papa on left and Mamaw & Papaw on right.