Shanghai Lockdown, Day 34: YES! Our company delivered two large bags of foods and toiletries, including this great Japanese cereal. Ordered two bags three weeks ago and it still hasn’t arrived. But finally got some. Traded that big box of non-vegan yogurt with a neighbor for a variety of veggies. Going to trade the coffee…

Day 27

Day 27 Pretty much sums up my feelings about it today.But I did run my .29 mile short loop nearby for 1 hour 31 minutes 17 seconds. 2 minutes after, announcements to stay inside started up again. Didn’t hear those at all yesterday or this morning.

Hysteria or Just Dancing?

Shanghai Lockdown ‘22, Day 26: Some people are not in their best moodin lockdown times….or, maybe they just like dancing in public? Note: I cannot confirm location.

Bartering Days

Shanghai Lockdown ‘22, Day 23: Top: Bartered 10 eggs and a packet of chicken flesh (received against my wishes) for 2 bags of PEANUTS.Finally found some! Some may say I got a raw deal, price-wise. But in lockdown times, these are hard to come by and they’re a staple snack of mine. Bottom: 10 more…

Day 22

Just another normal day of picking up a grocery order. Just like in the U.S., or New Zealand, right? Note: Stricter line up procedure now and more hazmat equipment. Shanghai Lockdown ‘22: Day 22


Shanghai Lockdown, Day 20: I rush to crouch down between edge of the track path and the row of hedges. A government official or community volunteer—pretty much synonymous—approaches, bullhorn blaring that blasted announcement telling us to not go outside. A young boy of around 9 rushes over next to me, lowering his head. He is…

Day 19

Shanghai Lockdown ‘22, Day 19:Touching moment An elder couple living with two grandkids does not really know how to buy foods online. Especially in this lockdown scenario, we are looking out for each other so Serena and I brought over a box of foods my colleague did not want. The grandparents were touched and kept…

Breaking News/-Maybe??

Could we be out soon, possibly??!! Could I actually run again unmolested??!! Could the answer lie in this new document, not yet released officially ? Another day in the lockdown, sorting through masses of news releases and WeChat groups to find out what the heck is going on.

These are days

…in lockdown times Laughter of children! Could it be?? Yes! In complete darkness, kids play. Some wait till after dark, as I do to run. Best to not be harassed by security, roaming, announcing to us who yearn to be FREE. To live. The kids should not have to lie prostrate on the slide, silent,…

This is absurd

The insanity of it grates on me today as the workers ride and walk by with bullhorns repeatedly telling us not to go outside on another absolutely gorgeous day. Thankfully, the mother and young kids are hiding at the backside of the playground I’m looking down upon. Earlier, a colleague left a message saying the…