This is absurd

The insanity of it grates on me today as the workers ride and walk by with bullhorns repeatedly telling us not to go outside on another absolutely gorgeous day.

Thankfully, the mother and young kids are hiding at the backside of the playground I’m looking down upon.

Earlier, a colleague left a message saying the funniest thing she’s seen in 3 weeks was Serena and I walking earlier today by the canal. Suddenly, as she looked down from her apartment, my colleague watched us in a panic as we ran down to the abandoned parking garage below. Very soon, bullhorn blaring, a white suit rode by announcing to all to stay inside.

It’s just too much, you see. 11 Covid tests in 16 days. Fine. Safety first. Thousands of people in our compound. Yeah, if it was the USA, we’d have a massive infection rate. Here, not a single one of us has tested positive. Not a single one.

14 days into this “4 day” lockdown, and we still can’t (officially) leave our apartments??!!

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