Now what?! If you’d told me even 3 days ago: “You will be in the USA on Friday,” I would have replied: “You are insane.” And yet, “here I am,” as Skid Row so aptly said. After this layover, and on into Los Angeles, I honestly do not know what awaits me.

Breaking News from China

(apologies for cut off words) This will most definitely alter the course of my current flight itinerary–I’m at Queenstown, NZ airport now–as well as my life…

The Crossroads

It’s taken around 12 hours in the past two days, not to mention more time over days before, to finally secure a reasonable route out of New Zealand. Very few flight routes are available. Every Southeast Asian nation I can name has closed its borders, even to transiting passengers. Prices are so outrageous you’d be…

8 Week Anniversary in New Zealand

I know I’ve been in New Zealand for a while because… The trees are changing from green to red, gold, yellow. Seasons have changed from my mid-summer arrival, to early-mid fall weather now. Early mornings here on the South Island have been around 33F. My full tube of toothpaste has been depleted: Even though I…

What the F**k is Happening?!

Just received this from boss. If you were here now, in New Zealand, and this was your local neighborhood trail, what would YOU do? I’m in peak marathon condition. I’m consistently running 140+km per week. I’m strong and ready to race. I feel like a prison sentence looms over me like an executioner’s blade.

Underground Vegan

This vegan spot located on 15th floor of an apartment building near Jing’an Temple, in Shanghai. Opened upon request with promise we’d bring in at least 10 folks. We brought 14. So, off the sidewalk, no signs advertising any restaurant, past apartment building security, up a back entrance…take elevator to 15. Don’t fear the prison-like…

Honeymooning in China

Just learned today from a Chinese colleague about paid honeymoons here in China… First off, women must be at least 20 years old and men 22 to get married. If you are at minimum age, by law you get 3 paid days off to honeymoon. If you are 23 or older you get 10 days….

Shanghai Marathon

Sometimes it’s nice to be on the other side: handing tomatoes and cucumber pieces to marathoners, cheering countless 加油’s (“jia you!”), and supporting our friends and teammates. 加油!

Better Than a Snow Day

November 3rd: What’s better for a teacher than a snow day?! When the Chinese government decrees all schools in Shanghai closed for TWO (2) days due to the annual International Import Expo. Yes, that’s right. At the noontime hour, I’m back at my second home–东外滩。The East Bund. Its a second Saturday repeating after the first….

China: Marathon Training Weekend

Friday, October 25th: 10 x 1 mile “Square” relay around Oriental Sports Center in Shanghai. Our InterSport team up against 106 other corporate teams from around Shanghai. Leigh & I rushed in from work, way from the other side of the city. Very little time to warm up–enough stretching time but only about 3/4 mile…