“Burn it down”

After another day of insanity, a teacher yesterday said we may need to just “burn it down” and start the school over again.

Emotionally drained, we wasted a good deal of our prep time debriefing what had just happened: 2-3 8th grade boys in residence hall filmed another boy while he was in the shower. The video of the boy fully nude was then shared with many classmates, including girls.

Just imagine this from an adolescent’s perspective. From the boy’s perspective. His parents.

I’d yank him outta the school immediately.

Our 8th grade coordinator teacher nearly walked out in disgust after an email about the matter was not answered by late morning the next day. Another teacher who first found the video, soon came up with a vice principal in tow. Finally, an investigation began.

We’d already gone out together and confiscated iPads from every single 8th grader. They all must be checked, scrubbed.

Other sordid tales arose concurrently: one of the perpetrators apparently has been going into “the toilet” during class times and jerking off. Then returning to class.

I’ve touched his iPad several times, confiscating it just yesterday. I will now cut off my hands.

Same student has supposedly participated in a circle jerk with two other boys—standing around together as they jack off.

Porn being shared on iPads while on campus.

These kids are getting worse and worse. Let’s just say, NOT the children of China we all thought we’d be teaching.

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