Trump Killed a Police Officer

Breaking/Heartbreaking News: Capitol Police Officer dies from injuries after being assaulted by Trumpist terrorists. There is absolutely no other way to put it: Trump instigated the murder of a police officer. Trumpist cult maniacs murdered a police officer at the United States Capitol. Trump and those who ravaged our Capitol are domestic terrorists.


TERRORISM: (courtesy of Trump, Giuliani & Company) Trump supporters smashing into an office where Congressional staff are hiding for safety, with furniture stacked against door. At least 2 explosive devices have been found. One woman shot inside Capitol building just died.

This Is An Attempted Coup

Right NOW: Maskless Trump cultists storming through our nation’s Capitol building, smashing doors, tear gas in the corridors, shutting down the House & Senate…subverting democracy… This is “law and order”??!! These are the true “Patriots”?! This is a true coup attempt. This is terrorism.A lady was just brought out barely alive, bloodied, getting CPR This…


Now that I see You, I believe no matter what they say

This Light gets closer every day…