So Small

Up the stone path, at first it’s like a large hill. Like the ones we ran in Suzhou. Towering trees overhead. Gray headstones grow from terraced slopes. The three of us hike through this ancient graveyard. Green moss covers some headstones. A crudely made white ceremonial headdress hangs from a post over another grave. One…

It’s A Day in China

Looks like I’ve been run over by a truck, but I’m okay. It’s just my first traditional Chinese massage. After wearing my paper diaper for a second week in a row (but not thong-like or pink this time),I made the mistake of asking the masseuse to go deeper this time. Well, I’ve had tight hamstrings….

How Do I Feel?

Hair’s on fire Heart’s beating outta my chest I’m a fucking pack of TNT ready to explode Gunpowder from the grenade in hand burns flesh Restful sleep interrupted by fitful nightmares Fists punching me, hard Lashing in… …lashing out Am I still bleeding? Or, am I healing ? This is All so Fucked I’m sacred….

In Typical Chinese Fashion…

Dinner at my girlfriend’s (2 week old relationship). In typical Chinese fashion, nothing was explained to me ahead of time. I thought it would be dinner for two. I walked into a room filled two younger sisters, an aunt, a husband of someone, G’s daughter & two other young kids. During dinner at the table…

Here I Am

Green tea Red bean steamed buns Greens & tofu on every street corner Boulder heavy mountain trailways Dating single women with gorgeous eyes, who speak zero English and have had no contact with Americans before Embarrassment when attempted hugs are ignored Dating a woman who pulls me lustfully into my apartment, then decides to tell…


Sickening feeling Demons devise, devour G-d! Can I be saved?

Untitled I

He guts us like this Shamelessly, burning us down He fucking kills us

It Burns

Words Burn Like Acid Dripping from a hateful tongue There is no escape (is there?)

Asia Summary I

6.5 months since I landed in Asia (leaving once for two weeks in USA). It’s time to provide an executive summary of what I’ve experienced thus far, in parts. Here’s the first installment. Reflections & Miscellany (only in a stream of consciousness order)… 1. Harshest land in which to survive: Mongolia 2. Most stunningly gorgeous…

I Ran Into the Sea

I ran out into the Andaman Sea. The beach ran out and as I met a series of giant boulders, I curved out into the warm sea. I literally kept running through water. Behind me, lavender clouds. Before me, expansive sky streaked with yellow, orange. A setting sun. Stopping, I threw my arms to the…


He forces his way He has hope for our demise He–not who he was

“The Kill”

Crashing, no one spared. Fearing the flames, consuming And yet, hope lives here