If she hadn’t left me…

…I very well may not have run today up Mount Floyen. This Mt. Floyen—in Bergen, Norway.

Within three days, I’d begun considering the trip seriously. Within a week, I had my ticket.

Serendipitously, but taking me by surprise, I soon met a gorgeous women’s half marathon champion and we’ve been messaging every day-all day ever since.

Life works in mysterious ways.

Without the break-up, I may not be smelling a chimney’s smoke wafting from this enchanting little neighborhood as I eat my vegan chocolate brownie and drink a chai latte.

I may not be strolling around this endearing city, first established around a millennia ago. Vegan burger joints (at least two). Surprising diversity of foods and peoples, including a large Ethiopian-Eritrean population. Safe, quiet streets. Wonderful air, deep blue and even turquoise sky. Pure water.

Fjords. Seven Mountains watching over the city of Bergen. This is Norway.

Snow running in April

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