8/13/01: Portland, Oregon March of “Crimes” demo led by Jay Kelly & I.
August 2001, Louisville, Kentucky: Convinced my Pops to put on a fur coat in 100 degree temps. to protest against the “Fur Trade=Death Trade!”
Girl Scouts getting arrested at the Boy Scout Jamboree! Fort A.P.Hill, Virginia (2001). Jay & I went incognito in our old Eagle Scout uniforms while fellow animal rights activists went as Girl Scouts (10+ years past their Girl Scouting prime) in order to distribute literature against the fishing merit badge. [this was one of the most interesting demos I’ve been involved in]
Renegade vegan action during a family BBQ, summer ’01
Liberating lobsters into Boston Harbor with John Feldmann, lead singer for the band Goldfinger & music producer ( He was late to his band’s warm-up before the Boston show due to this action. [2001]
John, Goldfinger lead guitarist Brian Arthur, & I prepare more lobsters for liberation into the Harbor.
Protests against Stephens, investors in HLS animal experimentation laboratories. Little Rock, Arkansas, 2001. Home demo outside an executive’s house is below [see book chapter on SHAC campaign].
Local and federal agents attempting to infiltrate our movement for the animals in Little Rock. Top left: two men wearing sunglasses and holding signs in foreground are undercovers; bottom left: activist has confrontation with an agent (in yellow).

Rise Against–“I found G-d in the sound of your factories burning down…”


Taking over downtown Little Rock! Non-stop news coverage for two days straight with helicopters and everything.
We made our mark as some comrades were bused off to jail (sticker of a mutiliated beagle puppy vivisected by Stephens affiliate HLS). [note–I later handed these same stickers out to prisoners while in Atlanta’s central jail and some of those hardened guys plastered these up in the holding tank.]