Gym Work Days VI-VII

Monday, 11/05: Air Running x 2: 2 minutes each time Resistance Band (for hips): 1 minute x 3 each hip Shoulder Press x 4 at 40 lbs Biceps x 4 with about 9 reps each Ab Machine x 4 with 140lbs Hang with crunch x 2 (about 30 crunches each time) Notes: Resistance band hip…

Gym Work Day V

Saturday, 11/03: Air Running– x 8 :70 sec do maybe two reps, then :80. Last two at :90, :92. Held myself with only elbows, a bit with hands on grips and core, mostly. Legs moving in air. Heart rate between 120-130 each time. 6 consecutive with maybe minute rest between each. Last two completed after…

Fractured Foot No Matter: 3 Days of Gym Work

Here’s what I’ve done today and each of the past two days in my quest to maintain running fitness while allowing recovery of my left foot. Found new cardio! Friday, 11/02: Hammy leg curls 50 lbs 4 x sets (15 reps per set) Air Bike (“cycling” with legs in air) 4 x for these seconds:…


So, what should I do now that I have an excuse not to run for a while? I eagerly began my gym training today. I don’t know yet what the best plan is, but I’m hatching plans left and right. One footed biking? Rowing? (But no machine in my gym) I need cardio. Can’t use…

6th Time’s a Charm, Right?

In the dark of night, they were coming for me. I didn’t know how close they were, but in that sixth attempt, I wanted it badly. I went out in the driver’s seat, as my tenth grade student runner Tony had done in last month’s race. Typically, I don’t lead from the gun. I build….

You probably don’t see this headline every day in your local American paper: Source: Shanghai Daily

Fried Rice

First time I’ve had 炒饭–fried rice–cooked before me. At Teppanyaki, 水城South Road, Shanghai. Beautiful weather. Great air quality. Safe streets. As Shania Twain says, come on over…

Lunch Box

She is so thoughtful. She knew I needed this and had it sent to my school without my knowing. Did she choose this lunch bag for me, too? Came with the box. Thank you, girlfriend!

Vegan “McDonald’s” in Shanghai

Not officially McDonald’s per se but it’s a great step forward. McDonald’s style double deckers. Vegan burger joint. Exit turnstiles toward Exit 1 at People’s Square Metro station (人民广场).Go right into mall (do not exit train station). Walk a minute or less and it’s on your right.

So Small

Up the stone path, at first it’s like a large hill. Like the ones we ran in Suzhou. Towering trees overhead. Gray headstones grow from terraced slopes. The three of us hike through this ancient graveyard. Green moss covers some headstones. A crudely made white ceremonial headdress hangs from a post over another grave. One…

It’s A Day in China

Looks like I’ve been run over by a truck, but I’m okay. It’s just my first traditional Chinese massage. After wearing my paper diaper for a second week in a row (but not thong-like or pink this time),I made the mistake of asking the masseuse to go deeper this time. Well, I’ve had tight hamstrings….