Lockdown Day VII: Wandering Again Within Razor Wire Perimeter

Sunday, October 09–Day 7 of a “3 day” lockdown

The doors have opened! We are freed! (Kind of)

Transportation passes good for 48 hours are being distributed out front. Private cars began exiting this morning.

But the grocery below is locked up. The fruit store would not allow me to buy. Virtually every business besides hotels are still shuttered. Government orders.

The little purple and yellow dragonfruits at the store out front are dying😫😫

As you may imagine, train and plane tix are scarce. Thankfully, when our return flight for last night was canceled days ago when the airport closed down, I immediately called CTrip. They set us up with the next earliest flight to Shanghai: Tuesday evening.

Ticket prices have skyrocketed since. Many folks like us still wander about within the military fortified razor wire perimeter, guarded by camouflaged soldiers.

Not a one bothered me this morn as I ran the back road through the abandoned night market. Nice road route. I call it the Ghost Market Road. It runs alongside the swiftly moving Mekong River, with a passage straight to Laos and then to Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam.

Another day within the perimeter. But another day we can wander about and look for the few treasures currently available, such as this iced Laos coffee, with coconut milk. Amaze.

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