Florida Must Close NOW

“Florida Must Close NOW” Here it is, folks…the straight, hard truth. The truth you will not hear from our AWOL federal government (except for Dr. Fauci & his team) and Florida’s recklessly, criminally negligent governor (with a small “g”). I was living in China when the Covid-19 pandemic was still a localized epidemic; then nearly…

Praise to the Dollar

Let’s praise the Almighty Dollar. Since Staples is open here in LA County, Office Depot is, too. Since major grocery store chains are open, so is Big Lots. Aldi. Target is also open. Which means I’m sure Wal Mart is, too. Makes me so proud. Marijuana shops are open, so liquor stores are, as well….


…is Best Buy open in the Los Angeles area? Is this truly “an essential business”?

I Cannot Go Home to China

So I arrived in Los Angeles yesterday evening. Now, I’m at the mercy of the Chinese government. My girlfriend & I have not seen each other in 67 days. Here are a few current snapshots from LA…


Now what?! If you’d told me even 3 days ago: “You will be in the USA on Friday,” I would have replied: “You are insane.” And yet, “here I am,” as Skid Row so aptly said. After this layover, and on into Los Angeles, I honestly do not know what awaits me.

The Crossroads

It’s taken around 12 hours in the past two days, not to mention more time over days before, to finally secure a reasonable route out of New Zealand. Very few flight routes are available. Every Southeast Asian nation I can name has closed its borders, even to transiting passengers. Prices are so outrageous you’d be…