So it was written

In my novel, written last year, it was the Voyage to the Crystal Grotto which helped fortify me in pandemic separation from Serena. This very afternoon, Serena & I took the Voyage together.

And so Shanghai Disneyland yet again fortified our relationship. In what must be at least our 16th trip together, we meandered, walked through Alice in Wonderland’s maze, and only rode three rides (Voyage, Pirates, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train). But you know, what? Sometimes less really is more.

Most importantly, during our 1 year 10.5 months apart due to this horrid pandemic, yearnings for our return to Disneyland—right here, in this magical place—are now actualized.

It’s all real.


Pinnochio Haus along the stone streets of a Germany,, peering through the row of arches at folks preparing to board their ships from the children’s London bedroom to Neverland, my arm strapped around her while on our bench in Treasure Cove—next to the pirate ships, sun setting, “Golden Girls” popping up on my phone (that ol’ Disney MGM Studios stalwart)…Splendid.

What else can I say?

Sometimes, the only way home is via Disneyland.

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