So it was written

In my novel, written last year, it was the Voyage to the Crystal Grotto which helped fortify me in pandemic separation from Serena. This very afternoon, Serena & I took the Voyage together. And so Shanghai Disneyland yet again fortified our relationship. In what must be at least our 16th trip together, we meandered, walked…


Early Saturday morning subway rides through a slowly awakening city Joining/leading our InterSport Running Crew for team training My girlfriend Guilin accompanying me by bike during long runs along Shanghai’s East Bund All you can eat at Lakeside Veggie on weekends Fried rice Steamed buns Guilin’s tomato tofu Pink’s “Fuckin’ Perfect,” my go-to karaoke song…

This is the Chinese Dream

I’m living it… Saturday, October 19th on the East Bund Cruising, relaxed, from Rob’s Tower to within .8km of the East Bund’s terminal northern point. My longest training run in China. It’s one of the world’s nicest urban waterfronts. On Sunday, nothing like a trip to Disneyland with my wonderful girlfriend:

A Year In China, Dammit!

9/10: Well, thought computer saved my last week’s worth of entries. Maybe not. No time to check now. If not, I’ll have to recap later. “You’re face looks weird,” sixth grade Brian just told me bluntly. I think he meant well, maybe. I think he meant younger now than I shaved (??). Middle schoolers. Tonight’s…


A park which only exists here, in Tokyo. An introduction in 5 photos: Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage is now one of my favorite rides. It has depth, detail, a boat on the water and is quite long. City of New York flag flying high in Tokyo!