It’s the fried rice

It’s the Malatong bowl, full of self-chosen veggies and tofu. The fried rice she makes, even while tired at the end of a work day. It’s those little times together watching “Friends” while eating dinner, or lunch on a cloudy Saturday afternoon. The long train rides to the karaoke place. The dinner dates at nearby…

So it was written

In my novel, written last year, it was the Voyage to the Crystal Grotto which helped fortify me in pandemic separation from Serena. This very afternoon, Serena & I took the Voyage together. And so Shanghai Disneyland yet again fortified our relationship. In what must be at least our 16th trip together, we meandered, walked…

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Please check out this new podcast episode, hosted by my friend Tiffanie from Louisville’s Seneca High…


Serena & Kyle are back! 686 days apart.Now, REUNITED. The last time we saw each other, January 21st, 2020, no one knew a thing about any COVID-19 or pandemic. Don’t give up, don’t ever give up…


Quarantine Day XI 685 days since my girlfriend Serena & I were last together. Approximately 75 hours until we reunite. BELIEVE

The Triumphant Return

November 25th, Thanksgiving Day Quarantine, Day I Sometimes, 1 minute changes the course of your life. After all this—674 pandemic days away—Operation Triumphant Return begins bearing fruit. My girlfriend is no longer 8,500 miles away.Now, it’s more like 8-10. Yet, the separation continues for two additional weeks. Much, much more to come. Patience, Daniel-san. Patience.

1 Year Ago Today…

…my girlfriend walked me to the subway station in Shanghai—Longxi Road, 10 train. We thought we’d be apart for 21 days. That was January 21st, 2020. By the Grace of G-d, we’ve hung on. Now, with President Biden and Vice President Harris, my hope for return grows and grows. Yet, the pandemic rages. I believe,…

Charlie Forever

Dear Son–Charlie, We could not even see you at first. You were curled up in the back of the cage, behind the other really cute cat that everyone wanted. After he was pulled out, your first human Mom and I peered in, seeing you looking so helpless, eyesight obscured by redness. You looked so sick….

How Do I Feel?

Hair’s on fire Heart’s beating outta my chest I’m a fucking pack of TNT ready to explode Gunpowder from the grenade in hand burns flesh Restful sleep interrupted by fitful nightmares Fists punching me, hard Lashing in… …lashing out Am I still bleeding? Or, am I healing ? This is All so Fucked I’m sacred….

Sometimes They Come Back

I never committed my Papa’s birthday to memory. January 27th, 2009 was the date my mom’s father passed on. We have missed this remarkable man ever since.  Last week I received a mysterious phone call. A man with gentle Southern drawl told me: “I am doing well. Everything is okay.” I put the phone down….