Pizza in Shanghai

Vegan, of course.

One week into my quest to record something of every day here in Shanghai, I would be remiss to not encourage every visitor to stop by and see Chef Lorenzo at Topolino.

685 Xikang Road, Jingan district.

Take the 7 train to Changping Road (昌平路), exit 4. Just a few short minutes down the road to arrive at a vegan pizza paradise.

All kinds of vegan options. Every soup. Even vegan desserts are available. Tonight, we polished off (completely) a large fava bean type sauced pizza with veg pepperoni, a large red marinara (excellent) with garlic, artichoke, arugula, a vegetable soup and a gnocchi with marinara, mushrooms and greens.

Healthy. Tasty. Made to order by our man from Italy, owner since 2013, Lorenzo.

Sorry, only one photo for now—of the bean sauced pizza.

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