Return to the office (school), Day VI

Some surprises are not welcome.

Finally settling in, actually kind of looking forward to meeting the homeroom no one in job interview ever told me I’d have, my Chinese co-teacher & I had plans. We’d established good rapport. We put up background paper and border over the cork board, for Spooge sakes.

We had, dare I say, dreams. Homeroom—Core—dreams.

It all came crashing down during a meeting when a slide was shown for all to see: Core Arrangements

A leader-colleague: Some of you may notice some things have changed.

An unfamiliar name in column next to mine.


So much for our dreams.

Some exaggeration, but after just beginning to settle in to a role I’d never expected or wanted, it would’ve been nice to just have this one thing.

My colleague was also surprised: They were supposed to let you know.


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