The White Hair

It’s back. With a vengeance. Fellow teachers didn’t much notice last night’s hair incident mistake, when I attempted to cover up some white hair but slicing it off—promptly opening up a larger expanse of shorter white hair.

Then my hair became much shorter on one side in front. Shorter and whiter.

It took students in the stairwell this morning all of about 1 second to notice.

“Mr.! Why do you have white hair?!” the girl asked.

I’m actually not opposed to the gray. But still don’t really want a head full of white hair at 44. Ever since I turned 30, the gray’s been unstoppable. I guess since around 40, gray in sides and back has turned whiter.

I still do have a bunch of dark brown up top. Still have a head full o’ hair. But I’m just not quite ready to let it all turn out.

Papaw used to say, “ I just can’t get mine to turn.” He did still have some brown, even after 85 years. But I have to say, Papaw, respectfully, some strands may have turned.

In the Hall family I think it will no matter what measures are taken.

And so I sit in the barber chair.title plastic bags over my ears, hair slicked back with dye.

It is kinda weird. But I also feel more confident dyed up. Mid-life crisis? Perhaps.

What do you all think??

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