There Are 13 Kids in School Today

13 in our entire middle school of grades 6-7-8.


Now that COVID is being allowed to spread freely in China for the first time, the floodgates have opened. Our bubble has burst.

An English Department colleague tested positive this morning. The first from our office. Another colleague is out sick today. Don’t know how sick. But several others from primary have already been at home sick this week.

Now others have also returned, earlier than expected. Somehow in the past day or so the “close contact” rule has also been chucked out. So folks are returning. Even those who we’re in direct contact with the infected.

That one makes me feel a bit uneasy.

Today, I’ve departed the office for the first time and am hunkering down in our vacant homeroom on the 5th floor. Set up a tea table, cereal station and spots for computer, notebook and bag. It’s nice, but lonely.

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