A Year In China, IV

Friends: I apologize for the formatting mess-up in this post. 

Tuesday, 10/08: 71 degrees, cloudy. Great conditions. Air somewhat improved,
 but still 120’s right now. Runable, but hoping for more improvement. Went 
out to run a few, but seems there was an endless recess period today. Kids
 from all grades, all directions, were flying around…

A Year in China, III

9/15: That was eerily rational. Chinese folks, at least 4 at once, stood fast as several of us exited the train at South Shaanxi. Wow. 9/16: Tired but less humidity, breezy, good air. I’m heading to InterSport. 4 classes today but felt like 2. 3 were 80 minute periods. But these sixth graders are great….

A Year in China–Part I

8/18: LA to Shanghai. Am I the only one who enjoys 12-14 hour flights? Watched “blackish,” “Pet Sematary.” Read LA Times, New York Times. Studied Chinese. Did sets of squats. Looking forward somewhat to Shanghai but anxious about training being interrupted by bad air quality. I should be positive. In typical Chinese fashion, Guilin pops…

What the F–k is Wrong With Me?!

My boy Charlie was right— Not this Charlie… these are the best of times and worst of times. Yes, as many of you all know, I had an amazing expedition to and through Asia this summer. As many of you may not know, I even got to embrace and kiss beautiful women in Thailand &…

Is This a Dream?

No…it’s SUMMER BREAK! An academic year of trials, tribulations, heartache and, oh, some heartwarming moments with kooky kids has come to a close. My 11th year of teaching has concluded! And I vow to each one of you to document at least something from each day of my liberation. How can I begin with anything…