Chill the **** Out

You know that feeling, the gnawing keeping you up night before a big event—such as students returning to campus for the first time since Friday, March 11th?

Chill. Just chill the **** out.

What else is there to do? Burn ourselves with stress for what? Life is oh so short.

The kids are all probably more on edge than we are. They are all more interested in how they look and seeing their friends then they are in your lesson plan. Or, my lesson plan.

Plus, the first day back is a sports/game day and afternoon assemblies.

After all the meetings, all the planning over these past eight workdays, it’s all good.

We’re as ready as we can be pre-first day.

Relax. Look at the big picture—it’s the first of many days back. It will all come together as it always does, year after year.

If that gnawing still comes, just chill.

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