“Just Smile”

Day II: Back in School (teachers and staff only)

That’s what Sherry told me. 5 preps. 4 different grades. 2-3 different subjects, depending on how you look at things. Principal acknowledging my new schedule is among top 3-4 most packed/complex.

I could cry.

I could scream and yell.

But Sherry told me to smile.

And I will.

Our English Dept Head, Caroline, has allayed fears by discussing how much planning is already here from last year. How we will eventually have collaborative planning time built into each schedule. I met the Global Perspectives teachers who students I will support in English.

It will all work out. I may have more class periods than most, but will have fewer daytime duties and one less extracurricular activity.

This school really loads things on us, but I’m confident it will all work out.

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