China’s Pivot

What’s Shanghai like right now as China finally drops its “Zero COVID” policy?

6 things…

  1. Within 24 hours of a second release of local policy pivot announcements, I awakened to realize our school had gone online. Turns out, due to a 4th grader with COVID (also, after a government meeting with school officials, we’ll be back on campus on Monday).
  2. 3 of the 4 subway stations I visited today seemed to not require showing health code. My home station was the exception.

Those blue QR code signs are still present by security guards in subway stations.

  1. The mall visited today did not require showing nor scanning health code.
  2. But the mall next to my neighborhood still requires showing health code; although not scanning and the little temperature check machine was turned off night before last.
  3. Disneyland today still had a hefty number of folks after reopening on the 8th. But in normal times, there would definitely have been more people there on a Saturday.
  4. There is a palpable sense of uncertainty about what comes next, especially as over 99% of Chinese have remained uninfected.

There is also an increasing sense of elation bordering on exuberance for those of us awaiting travel abroad—and a very hopeful return to NO hotel quarantine! (but still hoping for this news to come)

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