Are 11% of Americans Drug Addicts? And Assorted Other Chinese Questions, Part I

What are some questions Chinese people who’ve spent their entire lives–in most cases–in mainland China have for an American?

I’ve asked a number of folks in Shanghai, men and women–although most responses below are from women.

A sampling, in no certain order [translated from Mandarin by me if not using ” “, sent to me in English exactly as sent if using ” ” ]:

1. Why does Eddie Vedder sound like he is about to cry?

2. Why do average American citizens own guns even after so many mass shootings? Why does the government still allow this?

3. “lol,I love friendly americans and still run boston marathon next year”

4. “I wonder why the foreigner can take care of several children by themselves? I often see this situation on the street. I felt very tired, even though I have only one baby.”

5. “As I know, many American people like extreme sports. Why? Aren’t they scared? I heard some reasons are about changing themselves. But it can not make me convinced. I want to know some deeply reasons if you can give me. Lol”

6. I wonder why the US visa is so expensive? Does the US government make money from rejection rates?

7. Do Americans truly protect the environment? My friend Colleen says Americans are all talk about being green friendly. In fact, much of the time Americans are not green friendly or protecting the environment.


USA GDP is always #1 in the world, but I heard that many chain and clothing stores in Chicago have closed. In fact, the American economy is not so good now, is it?


Is it true what I read online about 11% of Americans being drug addicts? (Or having tried drugs?) Even Barack Obama has tried marijuana. Really?

10. “Why is it so easy to get guns in US ,too cheap? Gun and bullet,which one is more expensive?”

11.”What is exactly the “American Dream” ? Seems every time when ppl say it, it could get them closer.”

12. “Which one do you prefer to be called : “laowai ” or “waiguoren” “.

13. “What kind of behavior (in China) have you seen that you couldn’t accept or understand ? And the most rude behavior to you?”

14. “Why would you like to date Chinese? What’s your standard of pretty/sexy for Chinese women?”

15. “Is it common to sleep with friends than a stranger? Is the FWB very normal ?”

16. “Is it true that there is a law to protect women by defining some behaviors like kissing/hugs them without telling them in advance as harassment?”

17. “Why the majority ppl hate Trump but he still got the votes?(or I could be wrong about current situation)”

18. “Rumor/Ppl say even Trump’s daughter can be a better leader for USA, what do u think?”

19. “What is exactly democracy to you ? and what do you think of ppl saying China doesn’t have democracy?”

20. “For safe action, is it more popular to take pills in US or use condom ?”

21. “For Vegan, do you eat eggs and fish?”

22. “Is it actually stupid for Americans in their mind when you see Chinese celebrate Xmas /Thanksgiving and other western festivals?”

23. “Is it weird/normal to have one-night stand and what would you react the other morning ? React like a couple saying bye after a goodbye kiss or just left after sex”


In response to my inquiry: “Hello! Thank you very much! Thank you very much 🙏 if there is need to this aspect of the problem and I will take the initiative to send information to you, thank you my friend remember me your hairdresser, your friend teddy boy! Wish you have a good mood!”