Underground Vegan

This vegan spot located on 15th floor of an apartment building near Jing’an Temple, in Shanghai.

Opened upon request with promise we’d bring in at least 10 folks. We brought 14.

So, off the sidewalk, no signs advertising any restaurant, past apartment building security, up a back entrance…take elevator to 15.

Don’t fear the prison-like bars barricading apartment hallway. Ring the bell. Then, welcomed by Ma Ge, proprietor.

Laowai (foreigners) & Chinese alike together to practice languages and eat vegan hot pot.

On this overcast, chilly, winter-like day of December 1st–already considered winter here–it was perfect.

Spicy or non-spicy?

Even folks from the far northern province of Heilongjiang (Black Dragon River) were present, including a 6 year old vegetarian (素宝宝– “Veggie baby”) with her likewise veggie grandma & mom.

Living the Chinese Dream, every day

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