Two nights before…

I’m holding up cards I’d sent Papaw, showing him. He’s smiling, happy.

Then, I’m in the famed basement of 2715 Alice Avenue. Watching TV, waiting for my grandparents to arrive.

Eventually, I go upstairs and find them in their bedroom watching TV with my parents. Relaxed. Happy we are.

Just like it was.

Oh no! I didn’t know you all were in here. 10:22 lit up in red on the bedside clock.

I was waiting in the basement for an hour.

I could have spent more time with Mamaw & Papaw.

My heart sinks a touch, but happiness pervades.


Just last night…

I’ve recently awakened and am standing next to the crumpled white sheets of Mamaw & Papaw’s bed when they arrive.

Happy to see each other.

Just like it was.

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