War Is Not Peace

Slavery is not freedom.

Ignorance is not bliss.

Regardless of what they think, my eyes are wide fucking open.

Most opt to remain in the darkness, blinded.

Led like cattle through the abattoir, bolt gun to the head, doing what they’re told.

I want so much to look away. I don’t want to see him and his hate.

If only I would give up myself, listen to him, maybe then everything would be like it was.

Yet, he is not real anymore; just a desiccated shell of one who was.

His hatred of us clings like the stench of a highway gas station bathroom’s overflowing toilet.

Belatedly, he reaches out to some of us, throwing money while puking words.

The vile stench of it all is relentless.

But, he knows not what he does, right??


My eyes are wide the fuck open.

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