Fractured Foot No Matter: 3 Days of Gym Work

Here’s what I’ve done today and each of the past two days in my quest to maintain running fitness while allowing recovery of my left foot. Found new cardio!

Friday, 11/02:

Hammy leg curls 50 lbs 4 x sets (15 reps per set)

Air Bike (“cycling” with legs in air) 4 x for these seconds: :68 :68 :75 :80

Superman 4 x about :20 each

Ab wheel 4 x 20 reps

Abductor 3 x 50 lbs (15 reps set)

Adductor 3 x 50 lbs (15 reps set)

Hang (legs pulled up on device below) 2 x, each time: 1. 12 front, 12 each side, 12 front 2. 20 front, 20 each side, 20 front (about :74 seconds; heart rate about 130…this will be employed as a running simulation!)

Thursday, 11/01:

Ab machine 2x 130 lbs, 2 x 140 lbs (27 reps each set)

Shoulder press 4 x 40 lbs (15 reps each set)

Lats 4 x 70 lbs (15 reps set)

Biceps 4 x 10kilos (sets began with 9 reps, ended with about 6)

Obliques 4 x 100 lbs (15 reps set)

Wednesday, 10/31 (Gym, Day II):

4 sets for all

Air bike x 4 (:65 sec each)

Quad machine–once but no more…too much potential pressure on top of foot

Hammys 3 x about 12-15 reps each set; about 25-27 kilos

Abs x 2 sitting holding 10lb weight side to side (15 reps each set)

Leg raises x 1

Any cardio ideas for me??

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