So, what should I do now that I have an excuse not to run for a while?

See those two little lines on fifth metatarsal? Far

I eagerly began my gym training today. I don’t know yet what the best plan is, but I’m hatching plans left and right.

One footed biking?

Rowing? (But no machine in my gym)

I need cardio. Can’t use elliptical or treadmill or bike yet.

Crutch running?

I air casted around today for first time.

In gym: 4 x ab machine, 130 lbs

3 x back extension

2 x abs on floor with 10 lb weight–side to side

4 x shoulder press, 40 lbs

3 x lats, 55lbs, then 70 x 2

1 x abs-core with elbows on pads, pulling legs upward

Good start but it all felt too easy.

I’m hoping to speak with a trainer tomorrow.

Most of all, I’m determined to keep at least 70% of my running fitness!

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