China: Marathon Training Weekend

Friday, October 25th: 10 x 1 mile “Square” relay around Oriental Sports Center in Shanghai. Our InterSport team up against 106 other corporate teams from around Shanghai.

Leigh & I rushed in from work, way from the other side of the city. Very little time to warm up–enough stretching time but only about 3/4 mile run and time for a few drills. Not nearly enough before running a hard mile.

Leo & Benben had already run. By the time we arrived, our InterSport team was atop the leaderboard.

Chen Wei passes off to Leo.

Xavier runs through

Never found any pics of Leigh & I. I ran around a 5:21 mile.

InterSport placed 1st Overall of 107 teams!

However, we sponsored the event so were not included in the final rankings😩😩😩😩.

The following morning at 07:20 a small crew of us met back at InterSport for a marathon peaking workout.

Kerry arrived a bit late😆

Coach Leigh set us up with a fantastic 5.2k looping course along a newer section of the East Bund.

A bit tired, but air and overcast skies were nearly ideal. I ran steady and strong, averaging 1 second per km. faster than goal pace.

Rob, Paul & I had a great meal afterwards at my favorite local spot, Green Vege Cafe.

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