Better Than a Snow Day

November 3rd: What’s better for a teacher than a snow day?!

When the Chinese government decrees all schools in Shanghai closed for TWO (2) days due to the annual International Import Expo.

Yes, that’s right. At the noontime hour, I’m back at my second home–东外滩。The East Bund.

Its a second Saturday repeating after the first. Another Sunday coming up…

Rather than bore everyone with a day by day accounting of October 21st-24th and October 27th-November 2nd–days unaccounted for thus far in this blog–I will share more clothing slogans discovered here in Shanghai.

China is the most creative innovator of the English language.

Many of these slogans were before the aforementioned dates but I’ve been wanting to share them nonetheless.


(Photo courtesy of Johnny)

Do not warm percoethylene Do not dryclesn Do not wet clean (back of man’s jacket)

Sleeve of woman’s jacket: I’m Not Gonna Eat Chocolate Anymore

Woman’s t shirt: “going to hell anyways” 2016 dtry.

Baton Mom (woman’s t shirt)

Woman’s yellow dress: covered in one word over and over: OPRAH

Woman’s t shirt: Come to Daddy

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