Meet One of the Fastest Runners in NYC

Welcome to the second edition of Meet a Bronxite. I would like to introduce everyone to Bobby Asher, one of the fastest and most consistently competitive runners in the New York City region. Mr. Asher is a teammate of mine with the Van Cortlandt Track Club (VCTC).
Mr. Asher in a feat most of us could never dream of doing–leading the professional Ethiopian runners (some of whom are also Bronxites) in Central Park.
Note: Minimal editing below for clarity but otherwise all answers in the words of Bobby Asher.
What brought you to The Bronx?
I was living at home for 3 1/2 years after college and was going crazy.  I wanted to move to the city but wanted affordability and classic running areas. Riverdale was perfect. On the border of wealth, but my rent is cheap 😉
Favorite 1-2 memories from living in this borough…
Racing at VCP (Van Cortlandt Park) in high school and first VCTC breakfast at Shortstop Coffee Shop.
Of course many memories of Arthur Ave, Bronx Zoo, etc. from childhood.
Leading a race in Van Cortlandt Park
About The Bronx being such a scary-dangerous place…
Well, two men were shot just two nights ago in VCP where I train.  But it was after dark….way after, at like 10pm.  I feel it’s safe. But just like anywhere else, be smart. A lot of Bronx love here, though.
Favorite spots in the borough–Where do you hang out?
Van Cortlandt Park.  Palisade Ave for running.  Arthur Ave and BAH (Bronx Ale House) for eats.
Carrying the flag during last weekend’s 500 For the Fallen, raising money for children of fallen patriots.
If I was the Bronx Borough President…
I’m not worthy.  I think Rubin Diaz is excellent.  What he did with the Barnes n Noble in (Co-Op City) was brave and made a a huge statement about how important knowledge is.
Bobby Asher will be competing in June’s team points races in Central Park so watch out!

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