Quarantine Day 21: Quarantine COMPLETED!

Had to do 2 Covid tests since departing hotel one week ago. Final one was this morning. I ran to the local hospital where there’s a testing trailer set up out front.

So, since departing Kentucky on November 21st, I’ve been tested 7 times: Once in Renton, Washington at a China government approved lab (nasal swab & blood); 6 times in China—first time in Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport upon arrival (nasal, throat swabs); 3 times at my quarantine hotel room doorstep (nasal, throat); and now twice out front of local hospital in Jiuting neighborhood of Songjiang district in Shanghai (nasal, throat).

Additionally, I’ve had twice daily temperature checks since arriving in China. During this home quarantine period of the past 7 days, I took a photo of each temp check and sent it in to a chat group comprised of government, health, and police officials. Believe me, I have not escaped their notice. The day before each scheduled test, I receive a personal reminder from a government official.

Home quarantine period has been (WAS!)a state of quasi-freedom. Please find below some photos from this period. You’ll see a lot more than just the inside of Acadame Hotel room 4022!

Within 15 minutes of arrival last Thursday at my girlfriend’s apartment building, a local government official—a very normally, casually dressed 40 some-odd year old lady—drove up and popped out with a sheaf of papers. She spoke mostly to my girlfriend, Serena, but I definitely heard her say: I cannot get on subway, cannot go to the mall or other crowded places over the following week.

I didn’t dare mention my yearning to run free.

Soon, I was becoming reacquainted with life on the outside.

What?! Not everyone’s wearing hazmat/ICU gear?! Actually, haven’t seen it now for a week.

Also haven’t yet seen a single non-Chinese face since stepping off that aeroplane (there were two other American men onboard). [except on day 19 when I ran a few miles with my good friend Leigh, a fine English chap.]

Next up? Test results tomorrow. Then, I can FINALLY receive a green health code, along with a travel code. With these in hand, I will be fully initiated into the world’s most difficult protective bubble to enter into—China’s zero Covid cases protection bubble.

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