The Beatles are playing more in heaven today, welcoming Bill— 18 August, 1961 (Lake Placid, NY, USA) – 01 May 2021 (Zurich, Switzerland)

Fellow vegetarian-historian-avid newspaper reader-world traveler…

In November, you flew home suddenly from Shanghai to Zürich. Now, you’ve passed on, too soon.

Thank you, Bill, for your friendship, fellowship, adoption of little Rocky from the streets of Shanghai. I know he misses you, too.

Thank you for all your astute questions and comments during staff and departmental meetings. For all the work you put in helping our history students—I still don’t know exactly how you tied in your love of baseball with AP World History lessons on the lawn outside, but I know the students benefited from your passion.

Thank you for coming out in prep time to teach my students about Ultimate…and getting your son to help out, too! My PE students loved playing.

For the veggie restaurant recommendations you sent while out and about in Shanghai, thank you.

On behalf of us all in the USA and in Shanghai…

Godspeed, Bill, Godspeed, Sir, until we meet again…

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