Never Let Voters Forget

This is a fucking disgrace. Only 6 GOP Senators of conscience remain in the entire United States GOP Senate delegation, along with 35 GOP colleagues in the House.

Only 6 GOP Senators of character and integrity remain in the United States Senate.

Only 6 “Republican” votes for a BIPARTISAN commission—modeled on 9/11 Commission—to investigate the worst violence ever inflicted on OUR NATION’s common seat of government. An attack which threatened the lives of the very senators who just voted against the bill to investigate the attack and the terrorists who attempted to take their very lives.

Virtually every alleged “Republican”—now a party which no longer truly exists as it has devolved into a personality cult—has chosen to ignore the pleas of Officer Sicknick’s mother, widow and two police officers attempting to persuade them with appeals to reason and compassion. Indeed, pleas for Senators to merely place our common future above personal and political interests.

This is truly shocking, but not surprising anymore. McConnell and the Trumpian minions have sold their souls for power.

The trumpists will stop at nothing in their corrupted intent to shred our Constitution and democracy for personal gain.

If we wish to protect our nation, we must stop them at every ballot box.

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