The Beatles are playing more in heaven today, welcoming Bill— 18 August, 1961 (Lake Placid, NY, USA) – 01 May 2021 (Zurich, Switzerland) Fellow vegetarian-historian-avid newspaper reader-world traveler… In November, you flew home suddenly from Shanghai to Zürich. Now, you’ve passed on, too soon. Thank you, Bill, for your friendship, fellowship, adoption of little Rocky…

Never Forget

We Must Remember. We Cannot Stay Silent. We Must Protect Each Other. Just made this infographic to help illustrate our nation’s daily death toll. Beginning with the first virus case in the USA on 1/22/20-today, 5/29/20….

Charlie Forever

Dear Son–Charlie, We could not even see you at first. You were curled up in the back of the cage, behind the other really cute cat that everyone wanted. After he was pulled out, your first human Mom and I peered in, seeing you looking so helpless, eyesight obscured by redness. You looked so sick….

Cave Hill

Traveling through Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville is a journey to a foreign land: historic, opulent, monumental, serene, sacred.  Cave Hill is an enchanted land of hills and ponds within one of America’s greatest neighborhoods–The Highlands. As one travels its winding pathways, there is no end to a remarkable diversity of graveyard architecture and introductions…