Not So Fun Anymore

NOW, uncensored blogging: Fuck this. I’m going running later. Back into the shadows. We live in a huge apartment complex, chock full o’ people. You’re tellin’ me we can’t go outside, with sun-wind-tons of open spaces, masks on mind you, because of 2 new infections on other side of the canal?

Fuck that.

We’ve all been tested at least twice between Monday and Wednesday. Many if not most of us also had a test last week, especially on Friday, in an effort to keep health codes green. That’s not worth a damn now that we’re all inside.

A runner will run. That is what I am born to do. When darkness falls, as it has every evening this week, I will revert to the 15 year old boy, peeking around every corner as if sneaking outside while his parents are asleep (thanks, Mr. V for the apt analogy)。

I’d rather some daylight run sans-paranoia. That day will supposedly arrive in 2.5 days from now. Until then, this damned lockdown ain’t preventing my training.

FUCK that (pardon my French).

Sorry. Not sorry.

Earlier, censored Facebook post:

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