A Question

Running down a country road today, past the strawberry farm, a pretty 30-something year old lady stopped her car and invited me in for a ride.

Dressed fully in black—from my black BRONX beanie, to my all black Hokas, I was trotting along in the rain. I thanked her and told her this was my training. She expressed concern about my catching a cold. I again thanked her and mentioned how this is a routine for me.

In how many parts of the USA in 2022 will a 30-something year old lady traveling down a country road offer a ride to a man in the rain; especially one looking as crazed as I do?

(Well, the lady in Bardstown, Kentucky DID do a similar thing for me last spring as I walked home in a torrential downpour.)

Seriously, how often does this still happen in this day and age?

It’s refreshing, if nothing else.

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