New Zealand Adventure!

I have to use the ! when writing about this place.

There’s a reason it’s become the place to be.

Here are annotated photos from my first full day in Auckland and running on Waiheke Island.

😭😭😭Her visa application was rejected. So, my beautiful girlfriend is in the Philippines right now. 我是一个人。

This tree is amazing. It spreads out everywhere and it’s massive limbs obstruct most of a walking path. You must crawl under it to continue down the path. This is the spot where the Treaty of Waitangi was signed in 1840 by the Maori & British.

New Zealand women achieved the right to vote 27 years before women in the United States.

Delicious lunch at Revive vegan cafe, at

Lorne & Wellesley streets in heart of downtown. Delicious, fresh whole food.

One of the coolest bookstores I have EVER visited. This was a convent for nuns who taught in the Catholic school that used to stand next door, where St. Benedict Car Park now is. Remarkable place.

There is even a pulpit overlooking the shelves.

Vegan joint just around corner from the bookstore. Great raspberry muffins and excellent bbq sauce.

Running through Victoria Park on Friday.

Took a ferry today, Saturday, over to Waiheke Island. Just 38 minutes from pier to pier. Well worth the visit.

Here’s today’s running route:

New Zealanders are very serious about protecting the natural environment here. We must help them protect this magnificent land.

Needs vegan provisions from this upscale shop–which carries many vegan goods.

Didn’t by this today, but interesting find.

I ate this whole pack immediately. 42 grams of protein ingested.

You may need to physically pull me away from this place…

Wish Guilin & I could watch a flick here together. I could hear the music from “Frozen.”

Never seen a library with back doors open and bean bags on back patio.

My choco-peanut butter and chocolate-coconut-hemp seed treats melted but we’re still great.

I made a new friend.

My terminal point today after 21k of running: Onetangi. Met a very nice French lady and her German boyfriend/partner. ” We saw you on the ferry…” They’re ultra runners and provided me with some guidance.

Today: From ferry terminal at far left to Onetangi beach. Several “track” (hiking path) detours along the way.

Living the New Zealand Dream!

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