Gym Work Days VI-VII

Monday, 11/05:

Air Running x 2: 2 minutes each time

Resistance Band (for hips): 1 minute x 3 each hip

Shoulder Press x 4 at 40 lbs

Biceps x 4 with about 9 reps each

Ab Machine x 4 with 140lbs

Hang with crunch x 2 (about 30 crunches each time)

Notes: Resistance band hip work begins today.

Trainer taped injured foot to keep swelling down and stabilize foot.

I need to add insole in right shoe. Air cast is higher than right shoe.

Sunday, 11/04:

Air Running about 90 seconds x (?) 4

Donkey Kicks x 4

Superman x 4

Air Cycling (from back) x 4

Hammy weights x 4 with 27 kilos

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