Can’t I Just Take the Elevator?

In a nutshell: No.

For the 900 or so of us warped ones, we will be running up.


Face my fears. When race organizers say “no” to those who fear heights, I sign up; hopefully, I will not go into cardiac arrest when I look out from above.

Life is not about how much money you make. Life is experiences. Hold each moment. Inhale deeply. Experience risk taking.

This will be my first ever vertical climb race. Am I starting small as I build specific fitness? Not exactly.

The Shanghai Tower Vertical Marathon race tomorrow morning is set to create a new world record for the highest ever vertical race up a building.

Race course:

119 floors straight up.

3,398 steps.

Emily, Francesca, Tom & I are beginning in “Lot 3,” starting time between 10:20-10:31am.

Let’s do this!

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