Never Again

8:15 a.m. August 6th, 1945.

Hiroshima, Japan


Exact center of city of Hiroshima and within 600 meters of the atomic bomb’s “hypocenter” explosion.

Hiroshima transforms, but always remembers. Always. 

For all the children forced to fight
This bridge was the official target of the bomb yet survived, convulsing severely. Rebuilt in 1983 due to old age.
For the more than 10,000 children killed
Sadako Sasaki’s shoes. She was two when the blast hit near her home. For ten years she was healthy, even competing on her school’s relay team. Then at twelve she was diagnosed with leukemia. She battled fiercely, hoping to survive by making a thousand paper cranes. She eventually succumbed.

For the thousands of people buried at this site
For the 10% or more of victims of Korean descent
This clock chimes every morning at 8:15.

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