Just Never Thought

I never thought I’d come back to a country–our nation–that shoots rubber bullets point blank at journalists and peaceful protesters. Point blank. A country tear gassing peaceful protesters–one painting on an easel, others playing music–so that the president can walk into a staged photo op, Bible held aloft. A desecrated prop. A military attack helicopter…

Never Forget

We Must Remember. We Cannot Stay Silent. We Must Protect Each Other. Just made this infographic to help illustrate our nation’s daily death toll. Beginning with the first virus case in the USA on 1/22/20-today, 5/29/20….

Charlie Forever

Dear Son–Charlie, We could not even see you at first. You were curled up in the back of the cage, behind the other really cute cat that everyone wanted. After he was pulled out, your first human Mom and I peered in, seeing you looking so helpless, eyesight obscured by redness. You looked so sick….

Hanging On

5 more days in the gym since Monday. XXXVII days now in the gym with air cast. 6 weeks, 3 days since fracture. I hiked around yesterday for about 23,000 steps. It was a cool winter’s day. And it felt great. Eagerly, I await my final x Ray on Tuesday. I hope it shows complete…

What’s the Dead Sea Really Like?

How salty is it, really? Ever drunk vodka straight? The saltiness is so extreme, it’s like that in your mouth. I felt like, one accidental gulp of water would OD me with salt. Know how in most oceans-seas-lakes, you run your hand along the bottom and come up with sand, or plants, or mud? Here’s…

How Do I Feel?

Hair’s on fire Heart’s beating outta my chest I’m a fucking pack of TNT ready to explode Gunpowder from the grenade in hand burns flesh Restful sleep interrupted by fitful nightmares Fists punching me, hard Lashing in… …lashing out Am I still bleeding? Or, am I healing ? This is All so Fucked I’m sacred….


They came to me again in a dream last night.  First, my Granny was with me again several nights back.  A couple days ago I dreamed of Mamaw & Papaw’s home–the best ever, in every way: 2715 Alice Avenue. I was there helping pack up things to sell after their passing.  Feelings of emptiness.  …

Cave Hill

Traveling through Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville is a journey to a foreign land: historic, opulent, monumental, serene, sacred.  Cave Hill is an enchanted land of hills and ponds within one of America’s greatest neighborhoods–The Highlands. As one travels its winding pathways, there is no end to a remarkable diversity of graveyard architecture and introductions…

Never Again

8:15 a.m. August 6th, 1945. Hiroshima, Japan NEVER AGAIN.  Hiroshima transforms, but always remembers. Always.